Funding 2009-2017

Since its founding, CENPHER has been supported by various donors. The funds have been managed by HUPH and several other partners.

Details of funding resource from September 2009 to December 2017

Project type Project/Program Expenses in USD Donors Managed by


Research 9,555 IDRC HUPH
IHR. FBLI coordinating unit Coordination and Management 111,059 IDRC VPHA
IHR. FBLI Ecohealth Research 227,242 IDRC HUPH
IHR. Leptospirosis and Regional ecohealth course Operational research 24,727 IDRC ILRI
IHR. PAMS waste Operational research 42,846 SDC VPHA
IHR. RP8 - NCCR North-South Research 144,062 SDC Eawag/Sandec & Swiss TPH
IHR.Sanitation and Health - NCCR North-South Research 117,690 SDC HUPH
IHR. VOHUN-One Health Coordination and Management 109,500 USAID HUPH
FS. Book QMRA Training 11,420 WHO HUPH
FS. FOOD-RISK Operational research 46,916 SDC Eawag/Sandec & Swiss TPH
FS. PigRISK Research 389,930 ACIAR HUPH
FS. QMRA training Training 14,431 WHO HUPH
FS. Food Safety Risk Assessment taskforce Operational research 81,052 CRP A4NH ILRI
FS.SafePORK Research 228,679 ACIAR HUPH
HRIA. Arsenic risk assessment Research 6,000 SDC Eawag/Sandec & Swiss TPH
HRIA. Dioxin risk assessment Research 5,000 SDC Eawag/Sandec & Swiss TPH
HRIA. PAMS QMRA Research 54,372 SDC HUPH
HRIA. RRR Research 14,848 SDC HUPH
Core: HSPH in-kind contribution (office and utilities) Core funding contribution 34,230 HUPH HUPH
Core: SwissTPH Core funding contribution 21,511 SwissTPH Swiss TPH

IHR: Intergrative Health Research (Ecohealth and One Health); FS: Food Safety and Risk Analysis; HRIA: Health Risk and Health Impact Assessment; ACIAR: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Reseach; CGIAG: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research; CRP A4HN: CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutritionand Health; Eawag/Sandec: Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries, Swiss Federal Institute of Squatic Science and Technology; FOOD-RISK: Strengthening the capacity of risk assessment application for managing food safety within a Food production-Environment-Health interaction context in Vietnam; NCCR North-Sourth: National Centers of Competence in Research North-South; PAMS: Partnership Action for Mitigation of Syndromes (of NCCR North-South); PigRISK: Reducing disease risks and improving food safety in smallholder pig value chains in Vietnam; QMRA: Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment; RRR:Resource, Recovery and Reuse; SDC: Swiss Development Cooperation; Swiss TPH: Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute; USAID: US Agency for International Development; SafePORK: Market-based approaches to improving the safety of pork in Vietnam