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Theses of students trained at Cenpher


 1. Pham-Duc P. Waste and excreta use in agriculture in northern Vietnam: health risks and environmental impacts.2012.PhD thesis. University of Basel, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Switzerland. 203pp


MSc students

 1. Nguyen Cong Khuong. Health risks related to excreta and wastewater reuse in agriculture using quantitatve microbial risk assessment (QMRA) in Hanam, Vietnam. MSc thesis, Hanoi School of Public Health. 2009.

 2. Vu Van Tu. Developing a tool to assess the behaviors of wastewater and excreta and reuse in agriculture based on Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) framework. MSc thesis, Hanoi School of Public Health. 2009.

3. Vi Nguyen. Understanding the concept and practice of Ecosystem Approaches to Health in the Context of Public Health. MSc Thesis. University of Guelph. Canada  . 2011.

4. Bui Huy Tung. Health Risk Assessment of Ground Water contaminated with Arsenic in Hanam. MSc thesis, Hanoi, Hanoi School of Public Health. 2011

5. Luu Quoc Toan. Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Salmonella in Pork in Long Bien District, Hanoi, MSc thesis. Hanoi, Hanoi School of Public Health. 2011 

6. Ho Thi Thanh Tam. Assessing carbon flow in environmental sanitation systems in two communes, Vietnam. MSc thesis, Asian Institute of Techology. 2011

7. Vu Van Nam. Sanitation use and human faeces treatment and other factors in Mo Dao commune, Que Vo District, Bac Ninh Province. Specialty I thesis,Hanoi, Hanoi School os Public Health. 2012.

8. Ho Thi Nga. Medical solid waste management and other factors in Gia Loc Hospital. MSc thesis, Hanoi, Hanoi School of Public Health. 2013.

9. Kieu Thanh Truc. Diarrhea risk assessment due to consumption of raw spinach grow on Nhue river in NhatTuu and Hoang Tay communes, Kim Bang district, Hanam province. MSc thesis, Hanoi, Hanoi School of Public Health. 2014.

10. Cong Long Ngoc. Leptospirasero prevalence in human and associated factors in Yen Dinh district and Nhu Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. MSc thesis. Hanoi, Hanoi School of Public Health. 2014.

11. Dinh Phuong Hoa. Knowledge and practice in using pesticide of famers in Le Ho and Hoang Tay communes Kim Bang distrct, Hanam province, Vietnam.MSc thesis, Hanoi, Hanoi School of Public Health. 2015.  

12. Le Thi Thu. Assessment of the health risks from the exposure to wastewater in biogas systems in three communes of Hanam province. MSc thesis, Hanoi, Hanoi School of Public Health. 2015.