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FBLI Final Research Workshops and Media Briefing

Kunming, China. September 19-20, 2016 - Key partners of the Field Building Leadership Initiative (FBLI), including more than 30 researchers and policy makers from 4 FBLI participating countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and China) assembled at the Grand Park Hotel in Kunming, China. The events were hosted by Kunming Medical University in collaboration with the FBLI-Coordinating Unit with the aim to share and synthesize main findings of country research projects; address the implications of main findings on policy in the region; and share country main lessons of FBLI research projects.

Group photo: Participants of the meeting

In the afternoon on 20 September 2016, the FBLI organized a media briefing session where representatives from 4 media organizations in China joined the session.  The context of agricultural intensification and health in the region was presented. Four lead researchers from each of the country project teams presented their work to the media and there were opportunities for questions and answers. Findings from these studies are crucial to the development of national and regional agricultural development strategies in each country as well as joint strategy of region as a whole.


Photo: Welcome speech by Professor Li Yan, Vice President of KMU                                     

Photo: FBLI media event in Kunming 20 September 2016

Following the workshop and media briefing, on September 21, 2016, the FBLI regional core group leaders met at Kunming Medical University to discuss the up-coming final FBLI technical report, along with next steps after the FBLI.

FBLI is a five year program, funded by the Canadian International Development Research Center, which focuses on solving human health problems associated with agricultural intensification and other challenges in SEA and China, where, agricultural intensification has and is further expected to have profound implications for ecosystems and health. More than 20 partner institutions representing a range of expertise and sectors are participating in FBLI research component.

Further regional and national dissemination of FBLI finding

A regional policy brief entitled “Health and environmental impact of agricultural intensification: Translating Ecohealth program-derived knowledge into practice” from FBLI has been published (link here) and is being disseminated to targeted audience.

Participant of FBFI finding dissemination in Hue city 20 September 2016

In Vietnam, VPHA together with FBLI Coordinating Unit and Health and Agriculture bodies of Hue province organized a workshop to disseminate FBLI results as well as discuss the link of Ecohealth and One Health. The news of this event can be found here. It is expected that FBLI findings will be disseminated in various channels in different countries and the region.

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