History of Development and Stategic Plan

Understanding the local context and having opportunities to develop international research partnerships, a group of researchers at the Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH) now is Hanoi University of Public health (HUPH) got together to develop a research center at HSPH that would a new model, it would be donor-funded. We began in 2009 with a postdoc project working on environmental sanitation and health issues of the Swiss National Centers of Competence in Research North-South (NCCR North-South) program at HUPH. This project allowed the creation of a research group of “water, sanitation and health” within the Department of Environmental Health. The research group gradually established other projects and activities that have been both internationally and nationally funded. This was the basis for the upgrade of the research group to a research center in 2012. View more



Since its founding, CENPHER has been supported by various donors.The funds have been managed by HSPH and several other partners. View more