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The 10-year anniversary of the Veterinary Public Health for Asian Pacific - VPHCAP

The 10th anniversary of Veterinary Public Health Centre for Asia Pacific, University of Chiang Mai has been marked with an international symposium from 2 July to 6 July 2013 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The symposium consists of three major events namely (i) the alumni meeting with the theme 'Asean stepping forward into One Health Society',(ii) the 3rd food safety and zoonoses Symposium for Asia Pacific. (iii) the 1st Regional Ecohealth (EH) Symposium: Social and Environmental Dynamic on Human and Animal Health.

The objectives of the symposium are :

- to collectively celebrate and promote the flouring success of the VPHCAP by presenting the progressive information and alumni in the last 10 years

-to strengthen and sustain the MVPH alumni network with experts, researchers and private sectors and through collaborative empirical activity and pragmatic ASEAN contribution

- to exchange the update knowledge and share One Health experiences in public health including food safety, food and water-borne disease, emerging infectious diseases and other vector-borne or zoonotic disease

- to contribute the strengthen of Veterinary Public Health in Asia Pacific countries in terms of science and technology for further development.

- to demonstrate and disseminate Ecohealth implementation based on multidisciplinary experiences and knowledge sharing success story, and lesson learn.

- to nurture integrative research and diffusion of learning speed in human, animal and environmental interaction through a collaborative network among international researchers.

Some keynote speakers at the Symposium

Panel discussion: What do policy makers need from researchers?

The VPHCAP was established since 1994 as the result of the Thai government call for food safety and non-chemical productions, and the collaboration between the CMU and the Freie Universitaet Berlin (FU-Berlin), Germany with a vision of international academic and collaborative reference centre in veterinary public health sector which included food safety, zoonoes, and epidemiology. Up to date, the establishment of the  joint international curriculum of the Master of Science Course in Veterinary Public Health between the CMU and the FU-Berlin has been the most successful achievement of  the VPHCAP. This program aims to 'produce and develop human resources particular in Veterinary Public Health to response to the needs of food production and trade of animal origin of the countries in South East Asia and Greater Mae Kong Sub-region. The program have been produced 4 generations of MVPH students from 13 Asian Pacific countries.

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