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The 2014 Ecohealth Conference: Connections for health, ecosystems and society

The Ecohealth Conference is a biennial event organized by the International Association for Ecology and Health (IAEH). With the theme of “Connections for health, ecosystems and society”, this year’s Conference marked the 5th anniversary of the event. Approximately 500 scientists working in Ecohealth field from 60 countries around the world gathered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from 11th August to 15th August 2014 to present their research and achievements in Ecohealth field as well as to introduce new training and research programs in Ecohealth. Hundreds of abstracts from more than 60 countries were submitted covering all aspects of health and related angles.

The Vietnam Ecohealth group participated in the Conference with researchers from different fields such as Public Health, Economic, Social Sciences who have involved in projects: “the Ecohealth Field Building Leadership Initiative (FBLI) in South East Asia”, the “Ecohealth Assessment on Poultry Production Clusters (PPCs) for the Livelihood Improvement of Small Producers”, the “Eco-bio-social Approach To Emerging Infectious Diseases In South East Asian Global Outreach Hotspot” and so on. The research group consisted of researchers from the Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH) and the Vietnam Public Health Association introduced their initial results from several already-implemented Ecohealth activities. These included the research on using Ecohealth approach for better human and animal waste management in Ha Nam province of Vietnam, the implementation of new tool in outcome evaluation of the Ecohealth FBLI program, the using Ecohealth approach in tackling the issue of dioxin in Vietnam, the current and upcoming One Health-Ecohealth training programs at the HSPH, and the One Health-Ecohealth Network in Vietnam. Among the group of four emerging scholars, the representative from Vietnam, Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet Hanh, lecturer at the HSPH, shared her research and training experiences, as well as challenges and visions in the field of Ecohealth.

Besides, the group also took part some preconference and faciliation activities of the event

Pre-conference - The World Cafe: Global Perspectives on Ecohealth Capacity Building 

Emerging Scholars in Ecohealth field - panelists. Tran Thi Tuyet Hanh (first person from the left) shared her experiences in doing Ecohealth in Vietnam

For more information on all the abstracts presented at the Conference, please follow the link http://ecohealth2014.uqam.ca/upload/files/Abstract_Book_EcoHealth2014.pdf

The next Ecohealth Conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia, in December 2016.

To view the presentations of the Ecohealth group from HSPH and VPHA, please click here