The International training workshop: Bridging the Research –policy, Siem Riep, Cambodia

On August 2nd 2015, the training workshop “Bridging the Research –policy divide” was held by the South Asia Field Epidemiology and Technology Network, Inc. (SAFETYNET), which aims to enhance the expertise of current or future research leaders in bridging the research-policy divide with a better understanding and application of integrative methods and thus allowing them to better support policy makers in the country in adopting evidence-based approaches to policy making.

The workshop comprised 26 participants from 4 countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia. They are all human and animal health practitioners and came from different Universities, Departments of MOH, Research Center.  CENPHER has 2 young researchers attended and successfully completed the training workshop.

The first day of meeting

This is a full time, intensive course, which introduced the theories of policy making and tools such as problem-tree analysis, influence mapping, stakeholder assessment and other.

Tran Ngan - young researcher at CENPHER was presenting at the workshop

Attending the workshop, participants finished a case study based on one example of how a previous research has influenced policy.  Besides, they also had a chance to develop their own policy brief based on current research and an action plan for implementing it.