Regional Workshop on Planning for Urban Sanitation and Public Health (20-22/10/2015)

Join us and participate in our regional partnership capacity building workshops on urban environmental sanitation. They will take place in Asia, West Africa, the Middle East and Latin America in 2015 and 2016, and are organized in collaboration with the regional Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation offices. The objective is to build capacity in urban sanitation planning and public health issues among local experts and institutions in the sanitation and public health sector. The workshop is open to representatives of public, private and civil society organizations. The three day workshop will cover state-of-the-art knowledge and developments in urban environmental sanitation systems, planning and technologies. They will feature lectures, interactive exercises and multi-media presentations, and highlight the current planning materials and tools developed and field-tested by Eawag (Switzerland) and CENPHER (Vietnam). The workshop will also provide room for peer to peer exchange.

Workshop participants will learn about tailor-made sanitation solutions with a focus on how to best improve the sanitation services and health impacts in their region or city. The course materials and case studies will be contextualised to reflect local issues.

If you are interested in this workshop, please submit your application, CV and contact Dr. Pham Duc Phuc:

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