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Health education communication organization in Tan Minh commune, Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province

On the morning of March 7, the Center for Research on Public Health and Ecosystems (CENPHER) - University of Public Health (HUPH) and the International Animal Research Institute (ILRI) presented 25 posters and 600 leaflets. on communication on the prevention of helminthiasis, tapeworm larvae and pork tapeworm for Da Bac District Health Center - Hoa Binh. This activity is part of the intervention objective in 6 communes conducting research under the project 'Strengthening indigenous pork safety and improving the health of ethnic minorities through better management of infectious parasitic diseases'. transmission from pigs to humans'. In the morning, the delegation also handed over 4 posters and 100 leaflets directly to the Health Station and Tan Minh Commune People's Committee and hung posters at central locations (medical station, People's Committee, cultural house). village, and the commune secondary school).

In the afternoon of the same day, from 15.00 to 16.30, the research team supported the Commune Health Officer and the village health officer to carry out communication in Kieu Noi Village on the prevention of helminthiasis, tapeworm larvae and helminthiasis. pig wire, and updated information on the situation and measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic for the people after Vietnam had the 17th case. The communication session attracted the attendance of more than 90 people. (with 95% being Tay women). After the opening ceremony, the commune health officer (Ms. Dinh Thi Bich Phuong: Head of the medical station of Tan Minh commune) updated on the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, transmission routes and prevention methods. After that, commune and village health workers collaborated to deploy detailed communication on the prevention of helminthiasis, tapeworm larvae and pork tapeworms based on the information collected on posters and leaflets. fall. After the communication presentation by commune and village health officials, the project staff (Dr. Pham Duc Phuc) summarized the information, shared more information, answered questions about diseases caused by diseases. Parasites are transmitted from pigs to humans, as well as transmission routes and ways to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic. At the end of the program, the communication team organized a quiz with prizes (with 10 questions about the above diseases) to help participants directly exchange knowledge and help them remember longer. The communication session ended in a joyful atmosphere with the presentation of flowers by the media team to representatives of the village women's union and the exchange of Xoe dances of the Tay ethnic group on the occasion of International Women's Day 8/3.