We focus on the link between health and agriculture, infectious and zoonotic diseases, chemical pollution, food safety and nutrition. Research is conducted at different levels (molecular, individual, and population) and from labs to the field. Our ultimate goal is to promote the understanding that health issues are related to ecosystems and to use research outputs to inform policy to change and improve the health of the most vulnerable populations

Pham Duc Phuc
Vu Van Tu
Dang Xuan Sinh
Nguyen Viet Hung
Nguyen Bich Thao
Tran Thi Kim Tuyen
Trinh Thu Hang

Nguyen Thanh Luong
Dush Ramachandran
Erik Stafford
Chris Luck
Kevin Wilke
Laura Betterly
Shelby Larson



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1) Giám sát, Lập bản đồ và Mô hình hóa (SMM) - part-time 30%

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