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[Recruitment] STOP Spillover project recruits 2 positions: I) Technical staff - Risk analysis and communication (RAC); II) Supervisor, Mapping and Modeling Officer (SMM)

[JOB OPPORTUNITY] STOP Spillover Project continues to recruit:
1) Monitoring, Mapping and Modeling (SMM) - part-time 30%
2) Risk Analysis and Communication (RAC) - part-time 30%
For more details, please follow the link below:
- Technical staff - Risk analysis and communication (RAC): https://www.ngocentre.org.vn/jobs/country-technical-officer-%E2%80%93-ri... communication-rac
- Supervisor, Mapping and Modeling Officer (SMM): https://www.ngocentre.org.vn/jobs/country-technical-officer-%E2%80%93-su... modeling-smm
*About STOP Spillover:
STOP Spillover is a project funded by Tufts University in the US, through the One Health Network of Southeast Asian Universities (SEAOHUN), with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
The five-year project aims to improve global understanding of the complex origins of zoonotic viruses and strengthen national capacity in surveillance, risk analysis and behavior change.

Working at the project, candidates have the opportunity to access the federation of international, national and local partners and global research resource centers.