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Taskforce workshop summarizes case studies and develops food safety risk assessments

The seminar "Taskforce summarizing case studies and developing guidelines for food safety risk assessment" took place on November 18, 2014 in Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province by the Center for Health Research. Public Health and Ecosystems (CENPHER), hosted by the University of Public Health. This is an event on the sidelines of the 7th Annual Meeting of the Department of Food Safety, Ministry of Health with the theme focusing on food safety issues of street food. TASKFORCE (Vietnamese for Action Group) aims to bring together policy makers and researchers, on food safety from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, research institutes and universities University in Vietnam, Sub-Department of Food Safety, Sub-Department of Animal Health from the provinces to exchange information and research results, in order to make policy decisions appropriate to the current situation. Experts reviewed all studies to conduct risk assessments within the framework of various food safety studies and sought advice for two handbooks, a Practical Guide to Risk Assessment Food Safety Chemistry and Practical Guide to Microbiological Risk Assessment in Food Safety.



Following the activities of two previous seminars held in July and December 2013, this seminar still gathers famous names associated with TASKFORCE's activities such as Dr. Nguyen Hung Long – Deputy Director of Food Safety Department, MOH, Dr. Lam Quoc Hung, Department of Food Safety, MOH, Mr. Luu Van Ba - Department of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and other members of the TASKFORCE team to bring together discussions and find solutions. resolve these issues.

The six case studies presented have received significant input from experts. These studies focused on hot food safety issues such as heavy metal contamination of water spinach and tilapia, antibiotic residues in pork, E.coli prevalence and worm egg contamination in our vegetables. bun cha at stores in Hanoi, Samonella contamination experiment in pork and related health risk assessments. Also in this discussion, the delegates had valuable ideas to develop two handbooks: Practical Guide to Chemical Hazard Assessment in Food Safety and Practical Guide to Microbiological Risk Assessment. organisms in food safety

These two publications are in the process of being compiled and build on the initial results of different studies conducted by the team at CENPHER and its partners.



CENPHER's recent activities are aimed at promoting risk assessment in research as well as risk management in health policy development, in line with the content of this Taskforce conference. In addition, this is also a favorable opportunity for researchers and trainers, information networks, policy makers from many different professions and fields to come together and come up with appropriate policies. reason. It is worth noting that in all meetings of the workshop, the collaborator received very close attention from health and agricultural experts.



This is one of the regular events and most of the research reported this time at the conference is sponsored by the Agriculture for Nutrition and Health Program of the United Nations. Alliance for Global Agricultural Research (CGIAR) through the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Vietnam and the Swiss Development Agency (SDC) through the Swiss Embassy in Vietnam.