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Meeting with ICARS representative and international partners about the I-CRECT project

On the morning of May 17, Dr. Pham Duc Phuc - Deputy Director of Center for Research on Public Health and Ecosystems (CENPHER) - University of Public Health (HUPH) and his associates had a meeting and discussion with international experts about the disbursement procedures of the I-CRECT project according to the provisions of the sponsor - ICARS organization at the meeting room A421 - HUPH.

The group of international experts attending includes:

Dr. Linus Olsen, Research Fellow at Karolinska Research Institute, Sweden.

Dr. Nandini Sreenivasan, Research Implementation Advisor at ICARS.

Ms. Karina Aglamazova, Finance and Treasury Manager at ICARS. (Online)

In addition to the international team of experts, CENPHER was also delighted to welcome representatives of the National Children's Hospital to participate in the discussion.

During the discussion session, Ms. Karina and Dr. Nandini guides the financial members of HUPH and the National Children's Hospital on the processes of making payments and writing reports according to ICARS regulations. Issues in the difference in payment procedures as prescribed by the Government of Vietnam and ICARS were also discussed and appropriate solutions were given.

The discussion was a great success

About the I-CRECT project:

Intervention to reduce the colonization and transmission of Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteria (CRE) in hospitals, households, and animals communities and domesticated animals (I-CREC)). The project will be implemented in 3 years (2022-2025) with the goal of surveying the spread of carbapenem-resistant bacterial species from children's hospitals to the community, and at the same time evaluating the effectiveness of preventive measures. interventions to limit the spread of carbapenem-resistant bacteria. The project is in the final preparation stage (waiting for the decision on budget approval from the Ministry of Health) to be able to start implementation from July 2022.